And now to present you one of my favourite toys – the hookah 😀

The lady’s eyes suggest that she would do something interesting with that „device”. The hookah has a long history , beginning from Persian Empire and made space trough Ottoman Empire and arab countries (Egypt , Lebannon etc)

You can prepare it at home , with friends or you can have it at some bars.

The preparing of hookah is an great ritual. You will need some good coal to burn well, some tinfoil, water (or booze for the strongest ones), some flavoured tobacco and obviously- a hookah.
In the next picture are presented the parts of the hookah:

Here you have a detailed clip about the hookah set-up ritual:

When you need perfect relaxation, the hookah can be a good friend 🙂 A summer evening, when you are at home, you prepare a very flavoured hookah, you lay down on a couch and you fall asleep and the flavour will persist all night long.

Enjoy it !! 😀

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