An extreme sport played since the times og Genghis Khan, „buskashi” is considered the national sport of state of Afganistan.

What do you need : – a horse;
– the carcass of an animal(usually a goat is good);
– 2 poles;
– balls.

Rules: – women are not allowed;
– you are not allowed to use ropes to tie the animal ;

How do you play it: – the carcass of the goat need to have the head cutted and the legs from the knees amputed;
– the carcass needs to be kept in cold water 24 hours before the beginning of the game;
– a hole is digged so the carcass can fit in it, and a circle is drawn around the hole (the circle of justice);
– to the left and to the right of that circle u need to have fixed two poles , each of them representing the base of each team;
– As like in rugby, the horsemen are gathered around the circle of justice and at a given signal they try to grab the carcass and gallop to theyr base, sorround the pole and bring back the carcass and place it into the hole;
– Who manages to do that , gains one point

In the past distances between the poles coud be for kilometers and the game could begin in the morning and end in the sunset.
Often the horsemen have with them a knife to injure the opponent’s horse in the attempt to grab the carcass.They often broke theyr noses during the game.
Usually horsemen are respected and apprecieted persons in the cummunity. Theyr horses wre well train before the games.
The people who watch the game use to make bets on theyr favourite teams.

U can se here a match of buskashi.

From what i remember, Sylvester Stallone played buskashi in Rambo 3.

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